Pain Free Laser Hair Removal

Soprano Ice Hair Removal

The award winning state of the art Soprano Ice laser hair removal system, with clinically proven SHR technology will give you an incredibly fast, comfortable, effective laser hair removal treatment.

Revolutionary pain-free treatments have redefined laser hair removal with state-of-the-art IN-Motion technology. Instead of simply blasting unwanted hair, In Motion heats the hair follicles to the proper damage point very gradually – without causing discomfort. Experience the convenience of hair removal that lasts!

What does the Soprano ICE mean for you?

Faster treatment times. The Soprano XL can operate at 10 hertz per second, creating one of the fastest treatment times in the world. This means faster treatment times for you!Additional cooling to minimize patient discomfort. Let’s face it, your treatment should be comfortable with no pain.. Super Hair Removal from Alma lasers changed the business of laser hair removal. Replace no-pain, no-gain with Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ using a proven technology and treatment that’s in demand.
Are Multiple treatments required?
Several treatments are required at the start of hair removal therapy because of the natural growth cycle of hair. This is because each hair follicle goes through growing and resting phases, and the hair follicle is most successfully treated by light early in the growing phase. The number of active follicles and the length of the growth phase varies, and the first treatment will only damage some of the follicles. After a few weeks, previously resting hair follicles break into growth, which then need to be treated.
How long does a treatment take?
the procedure can take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the area being treated. Treatments can be repeated at approximately monthly intervals. In this way, after 4 – 8 treatments, most of the hair follicles in any particular site can be successfully treated. After this series of treatments, any further hair growth can be treated as and when it’s necessary
Pre Treatment Instructions:
Try to avoid the sun  before your treatment, or use a good sunblock on the area you will be having treated. If you have gotten tan on the area, please notify your laser technician. Sunless tanning products should also be avoided.
Don’t pluck or wax the area for about 2 weeks before coming in for a treatment. The laser will only target hairs that are in the follicle.
Give the treatment area a good, close shave the day of the appointment and as close to the time of the appointment as possible.
If you are planning on having your back lazered and can’t shave it yourself, we’ll shave it for you for an extra charge of $25. Please let us know while making your appointment, and we’ll schedule extra time for the shave.
Don’t apply any sort of products to the area. This includes lotion, deodorant, makeup and perfume.
Post-Treatment Instructions:
Avoid the sun between treatments and use a good sunblock on the areas being treated. If you have gotten tan on the area, please notify your laser technician.  Sunless tanning products should also be avoided once treatments start.
Don’t pluck or wax the area between treatments. The laser will only target hairs that are in the follicle.
Avoid picking or scratching the treated skin.
Anywhere from 5-30 days after the treatment, shedding of the hair may occur and this may appear as new hair growth. This is not new hair growth, but dead hair pushing its way out of the follicle. You can help the hair exfoliate by washing or wiping with a washcloth.
You may shower after the laser treatments, and use soap, deodorant, etc. The treated area may be washed gently with a mild soap. Skin should be patted dry and not rubbed.
Hair re-growth occurs at different rates on different areas of the body.